Pralina began business in 1991 thanks to the initiative
of a group of young professionals driven by passion
and shared expertise.

The earth’s resources and the desire to safeguard, promote and share them brought to life the idea of creating a company that processed local raw materials.
A company that could reproduce, in a production process much larger than a home kitchen, that very same alchemy between the quality of the raw material and the goodness of the final “dish”.

And so PR.ALI.NA. was born.

PR.ALI.NA. produces ready-to-use pasta sauces and condiments for bruschetta, and sauces and creams to accompany second courses that respect the region’s biodiversity, its particulars and traditions, paying particular attention to the environmental sustainability of the entire production cycle.

The company still maintains “the characteristics of an artisan laboratory”, combining the careful selection of raw materials and the care of home-made recipes with industrial process and control technologies.

Today Pralina exports all over the world, under its own name and that of its distributor, presenting itself as an active partner with the objective to follow and support customers in their strategy.




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