Pralina: from Salento, 100 thousand euros in crowdfunding to promote products from the Apulia region

Born of the dream to promote agro-food products from the Apulia region, the company Pr.Ali.Na. (Produzione Alimenti Naturali – Production of Natural Foods), after creating a name for itself on international markets with natural soups and preserves, has launched a fundraising campaign in Italy for 100 thousand euros. From 20 November, everyone can support “Made in Salento” products and become Pralina shareholders by signing up to the crowdfunding portal WeAreStarting.it.

Promoting the richness of traditional Apulian cuisine through crowdfunding, the Pr.Ali.Na. campaign is the first Italian equity crowdfunding campaign dedicated to promoting agro-foodstuffs from the region of Salento.

“Our mission,” confirms Lisella Dal Porto, shareholder of Pr.Ali.Na. Srl, “is to safeguard our region and preserve its agricultural biodiversity by striving to collect ancient and local seeds such as the Cicerchia, Cecio Nero (black chickpea), and the Saragolla grain, which are transformed into natural and authentic products, perfect for those seeking healthy and Made in Italy foods.”
“The company,” Dal Porto continues, “still maintains the very characteristics of an artisan laboratory, combining the careful selection of raw materials and the care of home-made cuisine with industrial process and control technologies. We decided to create a bottom-up fundraising campaign to give all citizens the possibility to invest in a local project that promotes Apulia, its food throughout the world, and our culture.”

From 20 November 2017, you can participate in the fundraising campaign by Pr.Ali.Na. by signing up to the equity crowdfunding platform WeAreStarting.it. Each investor who takes part in the crowdfunding campaign will in exchange receive a share in its registered capital (equity), therefore becoming a Pr.Ali.Na. shareholder. The goal is to reach 100,000 euros. Funding received will be used in support of the new line of products: “Le Biodiverse” soups and purees.

The project “Le Biodiverse”, aims to promote and publicise the region’s agricultural biodiversity, dedicating a personalised line to some of the most characteristic local varieties. The idea is to begin a first attempt at an integrated supply chain that brings together farmers and a processing company – Pralina – with respect for all suppliers involved.

At the root lies the necessity to create a path towards encounters with financial players in the agro-food industry in order to build a local and forward-thinking method of development. This method, with a healthy, short and traceable supply chain, could unite the area’s potential players and create a network of these in an expert and productive discussion.

Born of the dream to reclaim the richness and local food from Salento, today Pr.Ali.Na. is an innovative Italian SME with 1 and a half million euros of sales revenue. It has won over international markets, making its way onto the tables of more than 13 countries over the world. Pralina products are sold in Australia, the United States, Canada and Germany. Ireland is the latest addition to this list, thanks to a collaboration with Dunnes Stores.
From the simplest tomato conserves to the most elaborate “Biodiverse” soups and purees, Apulian specialities have won over consumers, in line with the growth in export of the Italian agro-food industry. In 2016, according to a forecast by Coldiretti based on Istat data on foreign trade in the first nine months of that year, food industry export reached an historic record of 38 billion euros. The trend is confirmed by growth that is nearing a record 40 billion euros in export in 2017: food and beverage exports have grown +9.1% compared to the same period in the previous year, according to an analysis by Coldiretti on Istat data on foreign trade in August 2017.



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